Are you ready to scale your business and step into your CEO role by making strategic, data driven decisions?


Are you ready to scale your business and step into your CEO role by making strategic, data driven decisions?



Without looking at the numbers in your business, you are left to guess what to do next. 

Did this sales page work? Did my launch perform well? Is my business healthy and profitable?  What should I focus on next? 

Understanding metrics is the key to business success and growth, it will eliminate the guessing game, and remove the emotions from business decisions.

Something that makes it even easier?

Having beautiful, visually appealing, easy to understand dashboards to review in order to analyze your numbers in a way that makes sense to even the people who"hate" numbers and spreadsheets. 

Believe It Or Not, I Know Exactly What You Are Thinking.

You May Be Like...

Joanne, a Fatigued Course Creator

“I’ve been making money from my course but I just don’t know how to get to the level? I really need to make “smart” decisions instead of “trying stuff.”

Robert, a Frustrated Online Business Owner

“I’m frustrated because I just can’t figure out why my marketing isn’t working.
It’s a lot of misses and few hits. And it’s getting quite expensive!”

Stephanie, a Director of Operations

I know my client needs this and that I should be able to help! But I just don’t have the time or frankly the skill to do this myself!”

I Know There Are So Many Hero Stories Out There…

  •  Making you think you’re the only one that didn’t figure out the magic recipe.
  •  Do you feel like you're back in high school, struggling trying to get into your locker?
  •  With one more spin of the lock, you will finally get the combo!
  •  ​Do you feel the pangs of professional jealousy?
  •  ​Tired of hearing about all those course creators at the next level, having 6 figure launches?
  •  ​Feels like they’re everywhere you turn on every social media platform and podcast.
  •  ​You hear how their launch is performing…
  •  ​They have a team in place and it’s all being done for them…
  •  ​Sounds like their funnel worked the very first time…
  •  ​Does it feel like everyone’s funnel is working but yours?

Okay Let’s Back Up For A Moment!

 You know how important it is to have a solid Return On Your Investment! (ROI)

Everything in business is all about the ROI!
You’re a smart cookie, I don’t need to tell you that…
But has anyone ever talked to you about your MOI?
What’s that, you ask?
Ahhhh, we are about to unlock the key for you!

Your MOI is How You

"Measure, Optimize, Increase"


  •  Knowing what metrics to track
  •  How to track them
  •  Why to track them and why they are so valuable
  •  ​With simple, powerful, easy to use visuals that make your next and every step - CLEAR


  •  Knowing what needs to be changed in order to see results
  •  Knowing where your customer’s journey has interruptions
  •  It’s like seeing where the kink in your garden hose is…understanding where your customers are falling off is super powerful. 
  •  ​Also knowing what is TRULY working - is a game changer!! 


  •  The fastest way to increase your revenue is by increasing your conversion rates
  •  You can only increase your conversion rate if you know how to measure and what to optimize.
  •  Once you know this… It can be as simple as baking your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and doubling the batch! 

Hi, I'm Carolyn!

I learned almost 15 years ago that numbers are a game changer. Showing entrepreneurs the power of data has been my passion since the onset. I show entrepreneurs how to remove the emotions out of numbers allowing them to focus, and scale their businesses. You never need to be afraid of numbers again. You can see what is working and build on it immediately. 

My goal is to make metrics fun - yes it's possible - and to help others understand that looking at the numbers in the business is the only way to continue to grow and scale. 

So Let's Recap!

Wrestling software...the next hire, the next coach, the next asset...thinking that this next new "thing" will be the answer!

  •  You could finally have that online business that you set out to create in the first place.
  • You can have the passive revenue that you always dreamed about.
  • You can make data driven decisions EVERY time! No more running around in fear, guessing and flying by the seat of your pants. Or feeling like you are the only one that can manage, or improve the situation
  • ​You can leverage your team so you are not concerned with data entry or data collection, but focused on analysis and decision making. With knowing your MOI you can focus on the higher level activities of your business while someone else supervises your funnels.
  • ​You can finally understand the ROI on your marketing…And now you know how to make it work
  •  You can stop second guessing yourself.
  • Moving forward you would always make strategic, data based decisions based on PROVEN strategies.
  • ​You will finally stop chasing shiny objects and move forward with clarity and confidence.
  •  ​Finally! You will hit your revenue goals and meet that six figure launch! At last, you will be that successful course creator you always dreamed of!

Do It Yourself or Done For You?

Do It Yourself: Metrics Mastery Templates

10 Dashboard Templates + corresponding Data Collection Sheets.  Perfect for the person who wants to dive in and set the dashboards up themselves!

Learn More!

Done For You: Custom Dashboard Builds

Customized dashboards built for your business based on your business model and your goals. Perfect for the CEO who is ready to take action immediately!

Learn More!

Customized Dashboards


Imagine being able to make strategic, data-driven decisions that help your business grow?  Being able to truly step into the CEO role and feel confident that you know what direction to take your business in, understand what is working, what needs to change, and what to focus on next? Metrics dashboards will help you clearly see the performance and health of your business and will make it easy to make strategic decision that will grow your business..


During our deep dive session, we will review your current process for tracking metrics (don't worry-you don't need to even have one!), your business model and goals to determine what dashboards need to be built.


Customized dashboards will be built specifically for your business! Your brand colors and styling will be used so these feel truly custom and will serve as an extension of your business strategy and planning. 

In addition the the dashboards, a process for data collection will also be created if this is something you and your team needs.


Since the online business world evolves quickly, I want these dashboards to be able to evolve with your business.  I will provide recorded videos of the dashboards, plus we will have a 60 minute training for you and your team.

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