Are you ready to scale your business and step into your CEO role by making strategic, data driven decisions?


Are you ready to scale your business and step into your CEO role by making strategic, data driven decisions?



Without looking at the numbers in your business, you are left to guess what to do next. 

Did this sales page work? Did my launch perform well? Is my business healthy and profitable?  What should I focus on next? 

Understanding metrics is the key to business success and growth, it will eliminate the guessing game, and remove the emotions from business decisions.

Something that makes it even easier?

Having beautiful, visually appealing, easy to understand dashboards to review in order to analyze your numbers in a way that makes sense to even the people who"hate" numbers and spreadsheets. 

Metrics Mastery Templates

10 Dashboard Templates + corresponding Data Collection Sheets.  Perfect for the person who wants to dive in and set the dashboards up themselves!

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Custom Dashboard Builds

Customized dashboards built for your business based on your business model and your goals. Perfect for the CEO who is ready to take action immediately!

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Customized Dashboards



Imagine being able to make strategic, data-driven decisions that help your business grow?  Being able to truly step into the CEO role and feel confident that you know what direction to take your business in, understand what is working, what needs to change, and what to focus on next? Metrics dashboards will help you clearly see the performance and health of your business and will make it easy to make strategic decision that will grow your business..


During our deep dive session, we will review your current process for tracking metrics (don't worry-you don't need to even have one!), your business model and goals to determine what dashboards need to be built.


Customized dashboards will be built specifically for your business! Your brand colors and styling will be used so these feel truly custom and will serve as an extension of your business strategy and planning. 

In addition the the dashboards, a process for data collection will also be created if this is something you and your team needs.


Since the online business world evolves quickly, I want these dashboards to be able to evolve with your business.  I will provide recorded videos of the dashboards, plus we will have a 60 minute training for you and your team.

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Hi, I'm Carolyn!

I learned almost 15 years ago that numbers are a game changer. Showing entrepreneurs the power of data has been my passion since the onset. I show entrepreneurs how to remove the emotions out of numbers allowing them to focus, and scale their businesses. You never need to be afraid of numbers again. You can see what is working and build on it immediately. 

My goal is to make metrics fun - yes it's possible - and to help others understand that looking at the numbers in the business is the only way to continue to grow and scale.