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Free Resources

Metrics Masterclass

FREE Training for Service Providers who want to uplevel their skills and learn how to help their clients with metrics tracking and reporting.

Metrics Template

FREE Metrics Tracking template so you can take a shortcut to getting starting understanding your numbers.

Metrics 101

FREE 12 page guide to get you started to understand the metrics you should be tracking in your business.

How to Diagnose (+Fix) Your Funnel

FREE: You spent time, energy, and money building your funnel, but something just isn't working! Follow the steps to pinpoint what may be the issue!

Services and Programs

CEO Essentials Dashboard

Only $47: This is a "Ready-to-Use" Essentials dashboard template that can be set up and customized in 30 minutes to help you understand how your business is performing. 

The Ultimate Launch Tracker

Only $37: The best, most comprehensive, spreadsheet to track the performance of your online launches.


Find out more about the services and templates I offer to help you make strategic, data-driven decisions.

Metrics Mastery

A course to help you measure your marketing through 10 plug and play metrics dashboard templates.