$397.00 USD

Metrics Mastery

What you'll get:

  • Module 1: EASY-START TOOLS, Lessons 1-5

  • Module 2: SHOW ME THE TEMPLATES - VIDEO WALKTHROUGHS + 10 ready-to-use templates

  • Module 3: AUTOMATIONS, Lessons 1-2

  • BONUS #1: Data Controls 101

  • BONUS #2: Bye-Bye Errors [Troubleshooting]

  • BONUS #3: How to Build Custom Dashboards

  • BONUS #4: 12-Page Metrics Definitions Guide

What People Are Saying:

The templates are so much easier to use than building charts and graphs in Excel. The templates also provide a broad set of metrics for the whole business - not just social media. The insights from the templates really help understand what is and isn't working.


I am not sure if I’ve ever referred to any kind of metrics/numbers/data as sexy but boy oh boy - you will leave this workshop with a major crush… The delivery of the workshop was freakin' awesome and the templates you get - at times I was thinking, do they know they’ve given me all of this in the price? The clarity these dashboards have given my client, we have no doubt, add value to her business in both knowledge and $$$$. And for me and my business? Well, I’m her hero!