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Adding a High Level Skill to Your Services

This FREE Masterclass is perfect if you are a:

  • Virtual Assistant

  • Online Business Manager

  • Project or Launch Manager

  • Social Media or Marketing Professional

Do your clients ever ask you to pull reporting numbers or help analyze metrics in their business? Like social media, website traffic, launch or funnel performance?

If this is a specialized service you want to offer your clients or something you are eager to learn more about, this Metrics Masterclass is perfect for you!

Masterclass + Data Collection Sheet Included!

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What You'll Learn...


Metrics 101

Learn what metrics matter and how to pull numbers that your clients need to know

Data Collection

Learn how to set up your data collection sheets for easy visualization of the metrics

Be the Expert

Become the go-to person so you become indispensable to your client's business

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Hi! I'm Carolyn...

I am a Certified OBM® and Integrator with experience working with six and seven figure course clients building marketing strategies and funnels, increasing their revenue, and understanding their business metrics.  I now help support professionals feel comfortable and confident tracking and analyzing metrics for their business and their client's businesses.